About Us

“I love sushi!”… is exactly what you will exclaim after a meal at the selfsame named Fishers family restaurant. Since 2005, this unassuming hideaway has been serving some of the most authentic sushi in greater Indianapolis. Starting with quality Japanese products and fresh fish, delivered multiple times weekly, an impressive array of carefully crafted sushi is available for your palette’s pleasure. And with recent menu additions, ‘I Love Sushi’ now offers upwards of 65 different rolls – one of the widest varieties locally available.

Under the tutelage of a strict sensei, Chef and owner Hank learned that sushi is a serious and complex art form. Despite 24-plus years of experience, he continues to perfect and hone his skills for your dining pleasure. Hank also believes in a strict adherence to the old world rules of sushi and is happy to share part of the ancient Japanese secret: “start with special Japanese rice, it’s a very specific kind.” He also offers that perfecting sushi is determined by the “way you wash rice, set water, from start to finish; everything has to be done right.” Once the rice is right, the selection of fish is of paramount importance. As one would expect of a restaurant called ‘I Love Sushi,’ only the best quality fish is carefully selected and lovingly served under Hank’s watchful eye.

Sushi lovers flock to ‘I Love Sushi’s cozy atmosphere to sample the wide variety of rolls. Among diner favorites, the “Japanese Lasagna” combines cram meat, avocado, cream cheese, and is baked in a special savory sauce; the “Wave Roll” is packed with spicy tuna, jumbo shrimp tempura, avocado and is wrapped in soy paper; the “Grand Canyon” features shrimp tempura and avocado topped with soft-shell crab and seared tuna drizzled with the Chef’s Secret sauce.

Becoming a regular customer at “I Love Sushi” has more benefits than the average restaurant. Hank pays attention and recognizes his best repeat customers. Every once in awhile, a diner may be surprised with an extra special delicacy to sample ‘on the house’; so come early and often, your sense of adventure will be as satisfied as your taste buds.

‘I Love Sushi’ is conveniently located off I-69 on a southeast corner across from Fishers City Hall on 116th street. Pull all the way to the back side of the parking lot – enter just slightly east of the restaurant’s store front – and sneak quickly in and out for a take out meal or dining in for lunch for dinner. You may dine at ‘I Love Sushi’ all seven days of the week or for lunch through the standard work week.

Source: A dining guide to Indianapolis-area restaurants